2021 "B&U Companion Program" Charity Activity in Sichuan, Liangshan 2021.06.01

Love is walking hand in hand, Classic Toys (Ningbo) Co., Ltd cares for the growth of children. The 2021 "B&U Companion Program" Sichuan Liangshan charity activity started as scheduled. On May 25th, Classic World donated 58 cartons of educational toys to Nanping community kindergarten in Nanping Village, Zhaojue Temple, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Classic hopes to bring quality Classic Wooden toys to the children in the mountainous area and felt the love and care.

The toys represent the goodwill from the Classic World team. Upon the Children's Day on June 1st, we also used our special way to send children in Liangshan with love and happiness.


Bring love home


On the afternoon of May 27th, a 6-year-old girl of the Yi nationality named Jigu Xiaoming from the Nanping community of Liangshan welcomed guests from afar. Yiren Sun, general manager of Classic World, and other caring enterprises of China Toys Association came to visit. Jigu Xiaoming warmly greeted guests, sang children's songs in Mandarin, and talked about her life in kindergarten.


"We used to live in the mountains nearby, and the rattan was the stairs of the house. The children couldn't understand a word of Mandarin. Now the family of six has moved into a brand-new building with three bedrooms and one living room. They could go to kindergarten and learn Mandarin," Jigu Xiaoming's father said.

On the morning of May 28, the "B&U Companion Program" held a donation ceremony at the Nanping Community Kindergarten of Zhaojue Temple, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, where there were more than 500 children. Ms Sun and other caring companies in the China Toys Association participated in the donation ceremony.


Xing Tao, Deputy Secretary-General of the People's Government of Sichuan Province, Yang Derui, Deputy Secretary-General of the People's Government of Liangshan Prefecture, and relevant leaders of Liangshan Prefecture Development and Reform Commission, Education and Sports Bureau, Zhaojue County Party Committee, County People's Government, County Education, Sports Bureau kindergarten teachers and children witnessed together.



Play through the game


After the donation ceremony, Jigu Xiaoming and her friends started the "Toy Breakthrough". The guests who participated in the "B&U Companion Program" accompanied the children to experience all kinds of new toys donated this time. Building structures with blocks, completing dolphin puzzles, riding bicycles or scooters around the turning back point, and other exciting activities. The children successfully passed through the barriers one by one in laughter.

The 16 representatives of caring enterprises also helped 80 children in pairs. For the next two years, they will continue to give emotional and material support to the paired children, especially around the Spring Festival, Children's Day, school opening season and birthdays.

In the "Reading a Book" activity launched by the "B&U Companion Program", the working group selected suitable picture books for the children according to their ages. Ms. Sun came to the paired children and read a book together. The children experienced the joy of reading and the warmth of companionship.


Ms sun has participated in the "B & U Companion Program" for the second time. "I like this form of public charity activities very much. It gives me huge rewards and great will to do more and better in the line of my work. Especially, when the children were cautious and timid at the beginning, they soon became happy and comfortable," She said excitedly. " They were nature learners. They quickly imitated the actions of adults. I wish that they will go out to the world outside and see, feel what the world can offer. It would help them build a more full, confident and optimistic view of life. "



The most beautiful childhood


Through this activity, we could see that the children have become warm and generous. Their happiness and smile have infected everyone present.

Through playing and reading with children, they could feel love, cultivate a healthy personality and establish a correct outlook on life.


In the future, they could also change their destiny by learning knowledge, get out of the mountains, look at the outside world, and find their own wonderful life.


Companion and care

Ari, the grandson of Nanping Community Kindergarten, expressed his sincere gratitude for the arrival of the "B&U Companion Program". He said: "The items donated by caring companies can make children learn more things. The donated materials have provided great help to the kindergarten and children, which was also the best gift for children's day this year.

"TJPA Care Project · B&U Companion Program" was jointly launched by China Toys and Baby Products Association and China Children’s and Teenagers’ Foundation on October 19, 2016. It aims to encourage parents to learn to educate, protect and accompany their children, and communicate with their children between the heart and mind, so that children can understand their parents and feel the love from their parents and society, and create a good environment for their healthy development.


In the future, Classic Toys will continue to practice the spirit of public welfare, actively assume social responsibilities, pass on love and care, and let more children in need feel happiness and joy.

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